A story of integrity – how I condemn cheaters

Got this package from one of the few universities I’m aiming to pursue advanced learning. #STEM

Let me tell you a story of cheating and cheaters.

I was never the achiever type, maybe because I don’t need to please anyone but myself. I am for the experience and the actual learning phase. I was never into the result of the test but more like the application in real life situation. Maybe this has something to do with….

Not so long ago, I took an exam in a lab (programming) course and there was this question that has something to do with a math calculation. I know how to write codes on my own, I wasn’t the best one in class but I can do proper syntax. My fault at the time was, I searched the web for that one formula. In my head I was like, “it’s just some point why do I have to do this” but I wanted to get that question right. After the test, I headed out for lunch, and a few minutes later, I found out that someone was caught cheating in the exam. The prof also found out half of the class cheated. He eventually said he will automatically fail them in the course. I asked about the details and found out someone submitted an entire code (exam) without even changing the name of the source (the name of the actual coder was submitted as well). I was so relieved because I wasn’t one of those people who took someone else’s work and submitted it as if it’s their own. People are trying to fight about it or ask for forgiveness etc.. so, an update came out that instead of auto fail, the scores will not be credited. I was still relieved. Worse come to worse, even if they don’t credit my score, I will still probably pass the course because my total score without the final grade is decent. I was confident that I will get decent mark, I even thanked the professor before I headed out of the building. Few days after, I had to fly to singapore to visit my long distance parent (or was it Thailand, forgot but we met halfway). Grades were released when I was overseas and I was appalled when I saw it. I contacted my friends and asked their calculated grades etc.. I was surprised to know that people who got lower grades than me and was part of the cheating incident got a better mark. I did my calculation and comparison to different people. I told my mother about it but it didn’t matter at all. I wasn’t able to question or fight for it since I’m overseas. So, I just let it be. It can or cannot be a subjective grade. Who knows anyway, but one thing is for sure at that time, I lost interest on everything.

Course by course, I see students cheating in front of me and getting rewards for higher grade. People call them smart and achievers but I see them as frauds. I didn’t give a fck about them, I just let karma do its job. The incident taught me a lot of things but mostly, one selfish act can create ripple catastrophe.

The thing with formal education, they rely heavily on the marks and not on the student’s passion to learn and their capabilities to bring that learned skill in the real world. They believe mostly in the results of the exam even if it’s written without integrity. There hasn’t been a way to gauge learning anyway. (Lightbulb for Education innovators out there)

Right now, my passion is in deep learning. I’m trying to juggle responsibilities and career advancement. So far, I’ve been searching for the right program that will fit my needs and my goals. And since the cheating incident, I never cheated, even in the slightest form. I can definitely say that I am wherever I am because I wasn’t a CHEATER.


Port Hope

I really didn’t have the chance to enjoy the beginning of summer, so I’m trying to make the most out of it this July to September. Since I couldn’t fly back to Southern state this year, I decided to drive around the Province. Time is never wasted in exploring places anyway. I visited a few already but so far, this one is the apple of my eye. Port Hope, a beautiful town rich in Canadian history is located at southeast Ontario.



They have theatre, cafe, ice cream shops, museum, dining etc. Downtown Port Hope is dolled up for visitors to enjoy their stay. They have this river that goes all the way to Lake Ontario. As usual, summer weekends are always fun in any town in Ontario (or should I say warm Canadian area?). Port Hope is setting up concerts, farmer market, festivals, etc. In the fort night they will have a fishing event. Since the town is surrounded by river, I wouldn’t be surprised that fishing is included in the lifestyle of the community.

_DSF2015They got a fire fighter museum! Sadly, it wasn’t open during that time. Well, I couldn’t really go in since I’m with my dog.





YES! I’m with my doggie!!



See that happy face? She’s enjoying all our weekends this August. I decided to limit our time in small towns instead of trails and Provincial park cause it’s still doesn’t listen to “come” command. But I was able to visit a local bookstore for a short time.

The Furby House Books! The bookstore is really pretty and I made sure the person who’s maintaining it knows how pretty it is. This is actually the moment I decided that I will make a new tradition. In every place I’ll visit, I’ll make sure to stop by an indie bookshop and pick a book that will somehow remind me of the place.



And with that said, guess what I picked?


Uhuh, I got “F**k it, do what you love“. A town with a nearby beach is always something that I like. Growing up in a country with 7107 islands, with beautiful beaches, makes me look for something close to it. It may not be fine white sand or big crashing waves, but the fact that it’s a living water makes me feel relaxed.

SO, anyway. Furby is beautiful, I just got lost in finding some books. Not really sure at first how it was arranged.


I only took pictures of downtown and river area, I wasn’t able to take picture of the beach.


Overall, my score for Port Hope small town is 9/10.



“Techies are so entitled”

Yeah, I said it. I definitely said it! I’m not going to sugar coat it or filter anything. Have you ever talked to someone who’s in the area of Computer Science and they believe that they know everything and thinks EVERYTHING IS EASY?  YEAHHH.

I just noticed that most people who are in “technology” (just plain tech) industry are so entitled. I am from tech, I breathe codes from time to time, it makes up my day and yeah not so long ago I was so full of myself. I am definitely an asshole! Before, I think people who are in “OUR” world are the most knowledgeable people on earth. THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT! What a jerk! But then I realized that it really doesn’t matter at all! We only know so freaking little of this world if we think we’re the most intelligent one. If we just focus on the tech on itself, IT’S NON-SENSE! It has to be tied up to different things to make it look amazing!!

YES we’re living in the world where everything is available through clicks and double clicks (“don’t tell me you don’t get it?” << would be my reaction to you if you didn’t get me at first, what an ass right?), the INTERNET. But the internet will be just as useless as f*ck if people didn’t jumped into it. And actually, it was so hard for people to start to jump into it. Read up any Silicon Valley company who started in the era of Bill Gates, Elon Mush, Larry Page, etc.. it was hard for them to convince clients that they are trying to make a new form of society! So, what I’m driving at is, If DIFFERENT people, DIFFERENT profession  didn’t ride the new wave, it wouldn’t be as needed as it is right now. Those people, those clients, those who believe, those who gave it a chance, those are the people who actually started our “TECH” world. Their profession, their industry is the reason why we are here. Probably a lot of tech peepz wants me to shut up right now. But hell no, write your own blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what I’m doing and I’m learning how to love what I’m doing. What happened and why all of a sudden my outlook changed? Something hit me and made me realize all this crap. I am obsessed with self improvement. I feel like not doing anything, may it be reading a book, learning a new language (I tried German but now I’m really into French) etc., will stagnate me. I am a person who needs to keep moving or else, I’d go crazy. A lot people try to slow me down but I think only my best friend can, well, slightly (shout out to her and her relentless scolding.) I never stopped enrolling to different classes: credit, non-credit, non-degree and professional. Most of them are online but I also have a in-class program. I also exposed myself reading materials in different areas like: Neurology, Psychology, Astronomy, Behavioural Psychology, Physics, Mathematics etc. Then it hit me, those are nerd as f*ck! The hell I’m thinking? The hell I’m doing? Then it came to a point that I questioned why the fck I chose this path.

It didn’t end in that question by the way. It just gave a slap in the face! Those scientists, professional etc. who are in those field are probably the most intelligent EVER cause they can learn how to code easily, it would be just a piece of cake. But then!!!! Wait hold of that thought and curses on me, I realized that they can never be the best techs as well since it takes time to be one! AND the most amazing realization happened: no one can be above anyone because everyone needs everyone! Does that make sense? Well, to me it is. I hope it does to you as well.

I found my calling, I need to pursue this journey in finding the solution to ENTITLEMENT. I need to prove that we’re all tied up together, that no one is above anyone. And if you feel like you are, I suggest you read up string theory, theory of everything etc.. or if you’re lazy as fck just connect with Michio Kaku or Stephen Hawking..

All you need is a Tutu-man’s Chicken on a rainy day


I just learned that Tutu means grandpa or grandma in Hawaiian language! Though when I first read the title of the recipe, I first thought of it as what I usually wear during my grade school ballet days.  I was thinking of something Egyptian but then again, that’s Tutankhamun, the Pharoah. What am I thinking, right? Anyway, this is our first attempt in following a recipe in the cookbook we bought. There are some slight improvisation on some part, i.e the bourbon, we used black label instead! [That’s not weird at all] So, here’s a snap of the finished product

People may wonder why the other side is burnt and the other side isn’t. Well, two people will eat this and they have their preferences [wink]

Lesson learned: if you’re going to brush a raw chicken with the sauce, make sure you set aside some of the sauce so you’re not double dipping the brush you used for your raw chicken. You would want to apply some sauce afterwards!


Funny thing is, before cooking this recipe, we came home to a disaster. 🙂 Our dog who just recently chewed my statistics book {I guess she likes math as well}, some of my treasured Starwars merchandise {THIS BROKE MY HEART, I REALLY CRIED ON THE INSIDE}, headphones all at once, just destroyed a pair of decent sunglasses!! So we wished that our bitterness towards the week of destroyed stuff will not reflect our attempt to make a satisfying dinner.


But I guess it ended up well, we paired the Tutuman’s Terriyaki Chicken with some broccoli and brown rice. The outcome of the chicken is surprisingly superb! I didn’t expect that the skin will be crispy and amazingly flavourful. We also thought of, marinating it more than 24 hrs so that it get’s more flavour within.

We definitely NAILED it! ❤

stealing snaps on a thousand food choices

Recently, I had an argument of how I’m being part of generation Y. As a person who doesn’t want to be pointed out as part of any social label/classification, I feel so ANNOYED. I think our society is creating its own brackets of generations where they draw conclusions and/or generalize each group. I cringe every time someone’s being a nitpicker around me because isn’t it the people who raised the so called generation Y a.k.a Millenials are the one’s who are preceding it? And aren’t they the reason why the generation is also called as the generations of POOR?? Why can’t we just emphasize one’s moral value as a singular thing and not part of a group or societal structure?

Anyway, I was labeled as being Millenial because of how I want to blog everything I feel like interesting and that’s posting how I follow and cook the recipes in my recently purchased cookbook. It’s funny that it’s part of the “classification”. UGHHHH. I have no words to express how I feel about it.

Let’s dive in to the important part, we, a “Millenial” and a “Gen X” stumbled upon a bargain book sale in Chapters Indigo bookstore located at Woodbridge (Weston Road and Highway 7). That’s our number one Chapters Indigo location whenever we have time for the weekend. So, as a bookaholic, I grabbed a cart and didn’t think about how many books are piling up at home. We found this Saveur cookbook with a thousand recipes that will make our kitchen life challenging.

I believe a decade ago when I first watched Julie & Julia, I wanted to make the same initiative as Julie. Aggressive and ambitious, eh? But right now, it’s kind of becoming more realistic since the Gen X person I’m doing it with belong to a family who ran a restaurant. But before going forward with this initiative, here’s a snap of a dish outside of this cookbook.

I always push us to eat a healthier choice of food even if having fresh produce in this great white north is pricey. I think having healthy food is much cheaper than supplements/heart attach/disease etc.. Right?

So, here’s our version of Chicken Fajitas!

Dempsey’s tortilla wrap


2 chicken breast cut in strips

Old cheddar cheese

Mozarella cheese

Bell Pepper

Soy Sauce

The following spices:


Chili powder

Garlic powder

Salt and Pepper

  1. Marinate the chicken overnight with the soysauce, thyme, chili powder, garlic power, salt, and pepper. You can add as much spices or flavour as you want.
  2. Cook the marinated chicken over heat, add the bell pepper and onion then set aside
  3. if you have block of cheese, grate them or if you have the pre-grated cheese that’ll do. But we always buy block of cheese, to have the authentic cheese flavour –thank you costco for cheaper cheese selection
  4. You could toast/bake the tortilla wrap or just place it over heated pan and assemble the cheese and cooked chicken
  5. VIOLA! eat them up!

This is just to kick start with the recipes we’ll be following! I’m already excited! I always question myself on how can I juggle all the things I want to do in my life. Till next food post..

Albany, New York and its million dollar staircase


From Toronto to Albany, 630 km driven, 2 coffee cups, 1 bag of chips, 4:30 am wake up call and a nice New York State Capitol.


The winter didn’t stop us from driving, since we have our trusted winter tires installed in the car. And yes, we used a sedan instead of a compact car or SUV. We were kind of worried if ever we stalled somewhere in the interstate but, we got insurance anyway.


We parked at Sate street just near the Capitol since it’s  free parking on Tuesday in between the hours we arrived! It was really a lucky day to begin our roadventures!


In front of the NY State capitol is the old building of State Assembly. The freezing weather is manageable since this is south of Canada.

We didn’t have any itinerary to begin with. Everything we did is just all about impulse with the help of TripAdvisor, stock knowledge of history  and slight experience of the area. All we wanted to do is take a picture of great architecture, find anything interesting and just go out and see different places. If we have the entire month to drive, we will definitely stay longer than a day in this city.

I wish the Assembly Chamber staircase in the 3rd picture is much more detailed than it is. The feeling of the light coming from the ceiling gives more emphasis on the carvings of the staircase. According to the brochure, NY State Capitol staircases are the most prominent feature of the building and we couldn’t agree more on that –


And of course, the infamous Million Dollar staircase! It’s really called The Great Westerb staircase, they said there were a lot of restoration done to rebuild and reinforce the staircase and they’ve done a really good job in maintaining it for the future generation of New Yorkers!



HA! Focus on the staircase handrail and you would really see that there are detailed carvings, some are actually faces (ex. Lincoln)




Senate chambers where I feel like I belong (say hello to my destiny. lol) There’s an actual tour that we didn’t avail since we are heavy readers of brochures and we want to take our time certain section. I would love to visit and devour the interior architecture of the Capitol! Pictures can’t capture the ambiance and feeling when you’re in it.


War Room Ceiling

Beside the Capitol, they have this performing arts venue called the Egg. Maybe it’s the shape of an egg, but for me it looks like a UFO


The Egg

We never explored the area around the Capitol but it looks like there are more things Albany has to offer. I’ll definitely come and visit again for a full day if ever our plan to Vermont persist!