Putra Jaya

We went to putra jaya!:) It was amazing! I’m so in love with the bridges and buildings they built in that area. It’s a planned city made by the government. It’s between Kuala Lumpur and KLIA:) Afar from this place is Cyberjaya, same as Putra Jaya but it’s an industrial park where in certain offices like HP were built. HP has an office in cyberjaya and it’s called HP Campus! Imagine how large it is to be called as a campus=))

Sorry if it’s kinda blurry cause I was inside the car when I was taking this. It’s a campus!! a part of the HP Campus:) I love it!!<3 I wonder how many employees are there.

In Marriott Hotel in Berjaya:) we didn’t actually plan what pose to do:) It just happened=)) MANA-MANA lang yan=))  Then right after Marriott we went to PUTRA JAYA:) OHWELL:)) IT WAS AWESOME! We ate at Nando’s near the Mosque. So sad, we can’t go inside the Mosque because visitors is not allowed after 6 pm:( NEXT TIME AGAIN!:)

Mom’s Friends:) I love them!<3hahaha! they are AWESOME!:) The trip was LEGEN—-wait for it—DARY!!!:)) aww, I miss how I met your mother!:)) HAHA well.. tomorrow will be our rest day I think?:)) HEHE

Good bye for now!:)




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