whatever comes into my head

after  a long long long time, I now have the courage to write something again in here.

So the first question is: Why I’m still up this late? The answer will be: I’m thinking of a productive thing to do which is now I consider blogging as one:)

Many things and/or events happened this month that blew my mind away from where it was before. But first, I’ll talk about my deepest frustration and failure. I’m the president of 3ITD this second semester, and I feel like I’m not doing my job. I can’t even focus on my studies right now. Well, I really mean right now, cause hello, if I do I wouldn’t be blogging at this hour. Every weekday whenever I go to school that’s the only study time I have. YES! Definitely the ONLY time I allot for studying. Whenever my class dismiss on 5:00 pm, I’ll go directly to my dorm to chill with my friends in the lobby or just go out to the mall with nico. (if ever he wants too) So, going back cause I’m going somewhere else haha, I’m so frustrated with being responsible leader of the class. Maybe some would think that I’m too busy doing school stuff whenever I’m on my dorm, but to break it, NO! Two weeks of nothing to do is killing me! I need to get to the serious part but my body wouldn’t allow me to do so. I hate this laziness. I should get in to the zone and start doing something with my paper works in thesis(oh yes, I have thesis now), System Analysis and Design and Embedded Systems. WHY ON EARTH AM I LIKE THIS?! Sorry Nico, Patt and RC if ever you read this. I’m not in the mood to search SDK tonight but hell, I’m trying. My tabs will speak for itself later on the last part.

Christmas is coming fast! I will always remember this season where in good things come and will definitely go when the season is over. I remember my stalker days and my super addicted to him days:) But well, as what I’ve said, things will definitely go. But for now that it’s December AGAIN, I guess I’m not that bad to relive or at least remember the things I did last Christmas. And also speaking of Christmas, I don’t have money yet to spend for Christmas presents:( THIS SUCKS:| I’m having problems again. =)) I need to save money for Nico’s present.

There are a lot of things I want to talk about right now and they’re so very random. Like I can talk about something then I’ll jump to another topic and so on. Speaking of JUMP! My rabbit, the cute little one, died last week because (nico thinks) she misses her mate. Well, because her mate died due to rabbit-food poison.

I’m still wide awake and I don’t want to stop typing in my keyboard.

Later in the afternoon we’ll be having a practice for the Living Rosary in UST. They’re trying to break the world record for this one. And I think it’s possible:) Happy 400 years UST, SOON!:)

I’m actually thinking of a good business to start and I thought of making UST notebooks(hard bound) but I’m not really sure if it’ll work.


MY MIND’S BUGGING ME!!!! I need to start searching for JAVA SDK:( Well to give you guys an overview of what I’m currently doing, here’s a snapshot of my desktop!




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