In the heart of Salcedo. =) I will forever love this place even though I’m not living here anymore. The good times that happened in this place is too memorable that although there are geographical problems I still go back to this place to spend some time thinking. 2012 is almost near, and I really can’t wait to be back in this place<3 The place where my heart truly belongs:)

Velasquez park, where people spend time jogging and playing sports like soccer and badminton. Every Christmas season you’ll feel the aura of Christmas because of the Christmas lights and decors around the park:) It’s located in the streets of Leviste/tordesillas/velasquez/toledo

I really love the ambiance of the park<3 never fails to lighten up my day! I wish I could still jog in here. If only this is 1km away from UST I would do so, but again geographical problems!:(

The person whom I shared those memories with, Nico Valle<3 Having coffee in Starbucks Alpap will forever complete my entire day. For us, It’s better than having coffee in tagaytay and other so-called “COOL” places. I guess I’ve found my third place already ages ago. Like what Starbucks Planner is telling us. To find a place where you can do your work but still can chill and feel relaxed.. ❤


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