Magical UST Paskuhan

Paskuhan 2010 was a blast!

in my dorm

Meeting place of BOGS:) We were not complete because some of us decided not to go to paskuhan because of transportation problem:) (SUPER DUPER heavy traffic in espanya)

In facebook the event called UST Paskuhan 2010 hit 16,000 or more attendees but when you personally go inside UST you’ll say that it’s more than 16k. The probability of meeting up your friend inside UST without knowing where you guys will meet is VERY LOW. Main factor is that large number of attendees are inside UST and you can’t even find a nice place/spot to stay. There’s also a signal Jam inside UST and that’s why calling and texting is a MAJOR problem=)) haha.

Before going to UST, I told my friends that if ever I see someone(you know guys whom I’m referring to) it would be a miracle and one thing is for sure, we are meant to be. That’s the EXACT words I said before leaving my dorm.  I never tried looking and finding that someone when we were inside UST.

While Jez and I were walking in catwalk of AB, we suddenly talked about SOMEONE. He said that maybe there’s a little chance of meeting him. But just like what I’ve said. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to bump with someone I know specially with the number of attendees in UST. When we reached dapitan gate near wendy’s, Jez asked if we’ll cross the street or not, and because I’m too lazy to cross the street we walked in dapitan walkway beside UST. I was thinking about MEETING him, and everything about him when suddenly…….

SOMEONE grab my arms and said “hi ms. beautiful” hahahaha=)) I was SOOOO SHOCKED that I would actually punch the face of that person who grabbed me but then my mind processed what I saw. Then BOOM! it was MAGIC! The only words came out was “OMG! I was praying awhile ago to see you” and he was smiling at me.:”> I forgot what he said and what I said exactly because that time, my mind is floating. EVERYTIME I SEE HIM there’s this thing which you call temporary mental blocked. All I can think about is HIM and I. Because that moment the only thing that matters is I saw HIM. I greeted HIM. I saw HIS FACE.I saw HIS SMILE. WE had small talk. I saw HIS eyes. HE saw mine. I hugged HIM close to my heart. If only I could stop the time I would never let HIM go in my ARMS. Because the only thing that matters that night is WE met in a place that I didn’t know we would meet. In the time that I didn’t know I would bump to someone. In an EVENT where there’s a low probability of meeting someone you know. WELL, I call it DESTINY=)) CORNY but this feeling is too strong. Three straight days and the feeling isn’t fading.

THINGS ARE DIFFERENT INSIDE and OUT. I’m sure! Christmas season is really a season of LOVE<3 Thanks for UST Paskuhan, My night was really MAGICAL<3


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