Dinner at BBQ Plaza

Mom, ate Shella, kuya Glenn and I had dinner at this Barbeque Plaza Restaurant in Time Square mall:)

They have this mini stove in every table where in you can cook whatever dish you want. They have seafood, pork, vegies, camel and a lot more. I actually want the taste of CAMEL<3

this is the stove I’m talking about. The yellow orange one is a squash. I forgot to take pictures of the dishes because I was busy cooking my food. It’s a bit hard to eat in this kind of restaurant that’s why I’m not a fan of steam boats and shabu-shabu=)) HAHA  I’d rather eat in fastfood=))

In overall rating, I’ll give them 6 out of 10.  Maybe because the way of eating it is a bit hard. 😉


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