23rd of December

It’s a season to be jolly!! Christmas is near and yet I suddenly can’t feel the Christmas spirit! Mom and I decided to go out and have UBE (ultimate bonding experience!) We went to Pavillion mall to look for clothes for Christmas.:)

Good thing it’s MYES! Malaysia Year End Sale! But because we only have ample time we have to do a quick shop. You could see the joy in my face, my dear=)) HAHA!

I’m happy to see Christmas decorations inside the mall!<3 It is love<3!

there are lots of Christmas Balls around the mall and a lot of people taking pictures of them! Those red balls you could see are just few of them!:) There’s a lot more!<3 hahaha! Mom loves it and I love it too!

THE FOUNTAIN OF PAVILLION! It changes color over time and it’s awesome!

who wouldn’t feel the Christmas Spirit with the over decorations they have in pavillion!:) Malls are the only way you can feel that there’s Christmas in malaysia:)

I enjoyed the decorations that I really need to take pictures of them!:) Can’t wait for CHRISTMAS TIME<3 how I love the feeling of getting THERE=))) no puns intended;)

So, then we had dinner because we are starving!!!

I love you mother dear! Thanks for the dinner<3 and quick shopping

it was yummy!<3 The herb rice and chicken and shrimp! and the Brownie:) Thank GOD it’s Friday’s




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