phone entry

Hello!!:) this is my first entry using my phone. I can’t sleep now so, I downloaded the wordpress application for blackberry handheld phones!;) it’s quite amazing to see such app! But this application I think, doesn’t allow me to look at pictures.. The whole thing is converted into html language.. Well, I need to study more about this..

Today, or should I say yesterday was a typical day for me here in Kuala Lumpur. Me and my mom went to malls again to shop for new year’s eve! We found ourselves digging for the 70% sale in Forever21! Oh yes! They also got f21 here and they have it first before us! But the price is way higher than what we have in Manila! Take note: UK brands here are cheaper but American brands are way too expensive!;) enough of side stories.. We ended up buying the non-sale items because the sizes of sale items were smaller or bigger:) but no regrets at all! I should be thankful that it’s MYES !! Malaysia Year End Sale! It will end on January 15, I think? The sale lasted for a month or two! It’s amazing!;)

I also realized that malaysians are richer than us!:) well, duh, we’re in the third world country.. But yeah people here are richer!;) today, I saw some women buying LVs, Pradas, Coaches, and so on! I actually saw them carrying paper bags of those boutiques! They are not-so rich people and clearly non-celebrity but they can still afford those items! I envy malaysia’s economy!

I hope when I grow up and have a decent job I’d be able to buy just one piece of hermes:) haha


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