Thomson Reuters OJT

My OJT-mates (from left to right, audrey, Ivan, me and john)

with some of my fellow BIS Team  Sir Gene & Sir Joey

Nico’s Workstatio<3 he loves working at omgeo even if we’re spending 12 hours of work per day. We love the ambiance of the office, the people in it and all the freebies and freedom we get=)

HAHA Sir Joey’s face is TOTALLY LOVE<3 he’s always like that:) My team is so lovely!

because I wouldn’t shut up and because I tend to bother them when I get bored in the office, Sir Gene gave me this stub.:) It looks funny.=))


2 thoughts on “Thomson Reuters OJT

  1. Hi! Can you give me tips on how to snag a place at thomson reuters? I’m also a thomasian, majoring in finance. I’m currently looking for a place to OJT. Hope you can help. Thanks!

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