I so miss my room

I just got home from a very tiring but surprisingly amazing day! I slept over in my boyfriend’s house then went to school and went to North Forbes to see some people. I was supposed to meet up with a friend(tama) but she wasn’t able to come so, I just stayed and hangout with Geli, Reg, Mookie, Micko and Erika. I was still waiting for Tama suddenly I realized that I need TO BLOG what I just ran on to last night while doing thesis.

I was cleaning up my files and transferring my documents in my backup hard drive when I found this pictures:

I miss hanging with molly. I miss the late night dinner, yosi, sudden shot, unlimited stories and all 😥  I kind of missing my super sized bed and my window.

and also I miss MMK. Our 606 hub.

what I still have are the memories we shared:)


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