Asparagus wrapped in bacon..

Waiting for my start date of work is boring so besides munching on my readings, I also tried cooking. Much as I’d want to bake, I don’t have enough things to do so. I found this over the internet so I tried and added some maple syrup on it.








Cooked it using butter. The best alternative for cooking oil, well for me.=) who wouldn’t want butter by the way?


So, here’s the finished product! It tastes GREAT!

Imageand I made Jack Coke as well! It goes well with the dish. It tastes sweet because of the maple syrup!

I got tired of fast food and restaurant deliveries and my Mom told me to not splurge a lot of money on eating in a good restaurant around metro. She’s slowly cutting me of, knowing that I’ll land a job in a few months. It sounds terrifying for me. I guess the real world is much closer now than what I thought. I might try other dish as well and might try experimenting too!:)



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