Have you guys tried La Nuova  Pasteleria in Forbes Park? If not you should try it NOW! So, I totally forgot that I need to cook for RC’s lunch tomorrow. This may look familiar because I already cooked this and posted it here before. I tried it again and I hope the outcome would be just like before.;)

You only need asparagus, bacon or ham and if you want cream cheese you may add also.

I prefer this grilled but as of now, i don’t have it in the condo. And I also added pepper and maple syrup, by the way:)

First you cut the asparagus.. (you may throw the ends..) cut it in half or the way you want it to be.. group it to 4 or 5 sticks each ‘per wrap’

Then if you want to add the cream cheese you may do so.. then wrap the bacon around, make sure its tight enough

Put some pepper to taste and maple syrup for the sweet tooth.

Then let it ‘fry’ (if you grill, its better) for about 20-30 mins as to your desired texture…

TADA!!!! You have your asparagus wrapped in bacon!

I don’t have to go to La nouvo just to have my asparagus wrapped!!!!:)

and because i cooked this late.. i already had dinner and i’m too full for this… well i had this one:


Sparkling red grape juice and banana bread.;) haha I hope tomorrow’s lunch would be tasty for RC. Haha.


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