Weekend escape: bataan with rchie

It wasnt a random trip that we planned. We went to his hometown for his grand mother’s death anniversary and he toured me around. At first, I was the hesitant one but he made me feel that I don’t have to worry and he wants to be with me too.



We left QC around 12:50 and we had our quick lunch at NLEX. Knowing Rchie, he’s a fast driver, so we arrived at bataan around 3pm (or earlier). He showed me around their ancestral house then we went to Mt. Samat


The road going to Mt. Samat makes you feel that you’re up to an adventure! With all the leaves falling down the trees, some broken branches that are scattered at the side of the road, plus there were only few people who are climbing the mountain (by that i meant we’re the only vehicle climbing up) so somehow we own the road!:)


The view from the top of the mountain was spectacular! The cold breeze of air, the mist and after a few moments a sudden drizzle and the quiet surroundings made it perfect for us to relax!


Unfortunately, i wasnt able to climb in the middle of the cross and the museum underground because of power interruption. But being in mt. Samat, where lies an important part of Philippine History makes it all worth it. Back then, their only choice was to die and not to give up, to fight and not to give in, through their will and pride, Filipino bravery is manifested.


Thanks to this man who brought me there and for giving me so much memories!:) thank you for making me smile by introducing me to your wonderful family! You knew i lost hope back when everything about my family fell apart, but your family proved me that there are still chances that one can be saved from being broken. You knew what I really need to gain, the belief and trust that there are still strong bonds. It made me smile and i’m happy for you that you have people around you that will make you strong. (Aside from me) I love you!



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