setting goals 101.xx

Why do people always end up regretting what they did? Maybe because we make a lot of promises when we’re happy and we make harsh decisions when we’re mad? There are some people who’s having a very hard time to determine what they really want, and there are people who set their goals easily but they change it abruptly; It makes me question myself, my wants and my decision making.

I’ve been severely suffering from self doubts and mediocrity. This early/mid 20s age is making me worry about tomorrow and how time flies so fast. Browsing almost all the universities around Toronto and their programs didn’t condole me at all. It just made me realize how much I want to do things but I have only limited time. I know this problem is only for those people who’s deciding on which path to take and not for the people who already have done a bachelors degree, but I feel like I really need to find my true calling.

As the cliche goes, find a job that you love and you won’t work a day, I’m still finding what job I would like. We have so many things in the table yet I’m still undecided which one to pick. I have this one life long dream of becoming a lawyer so I could -not only save the world- argue for a living but what I already have right now is a shining shimmering splendid degree in Information Technology. The dilemma of making my career better is also delaying me on getting my dreams right away.

In the world of operations-slash-IT, every single minute matters. It will sometimes -or most of the time- demand for extra hours of work thus making it much harder to put some focus on part-time studies, but that doesn’t stop an eager learner. I enumerated all the things I want to do in my life and gave it an importance number -you know those things we do in dealing priorities in algorithms,yeah that one. I set some points that would help me to get into that goal, it may not be as detailed as possible but giving me at least a step to take would help me to move forward/closer to where I want/need to be.

So after sitting down for days and thinking what would benefit me, I end up realizing one thing. To get things done, I’m starting new again. Studying is the only thing I want to do right now, wherever my courses will take me for sure, I’ll end up being a lawyer. Everything takes time though I’m not on a rush, I won’t waste a minute dreaming and not doing anything. We have to DO SOMETHING, not just act on impulse but taking into account all the things that really MATTERS. 🙂


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