“Techies are so entitled”

Yeah, I said it. I definitely said it! I’m not going to sugar coat it or filter anything. Have you ever talked to someone who’s in the area of Computer Science and they believe that they know everything and thinks EVERYTHING IS EASY?  YEAHHH.

I just noticed that most people who are in “technology” (just plain tech) industry are so entitled. I am from tech, I breathe codes from time to time, it makes up my day and yeah not so long ago I was so full of myself. I am definitely an asshole! Before, I think people who are in “OUR” world are the most knowledgeable people on earth. THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT! What a jerk! But then I realized that it really doesn’t matter at all! We only know so freaking little of this world if we think we’re the most intelligent one. If we just focus on the tech on itself, IT’S NON-SENSE! It has to be tied up to different things to make it look amazing!!

YES we’re living in the world where everything is available through clicks and double clicks (“don’t tell me you don’t get it?” << would be my reaction to you if you didn’t get me at first, what an ass right?), the INTERNET. But the internet will be just as useless as f*ck if people didn’t jumped into it. And actually, it was so hard for people to start to jump into it. Read up any Silicon Valley company who started in the era of Bill Gates, Elon Mush, Larry Page, etc.. it was hard for them to convince clients that they are trying to make a new form of society! So, what I’m driving at is, If DIFFERENT people, DIFFERENT profession  didn’t ride the new wave, it wouldn’t be as needed as it is right now. Those people, those clients, those who believe, those who gave it a chance, those are the people who actually started our “TECH” world. Their profession, their industry is the reason why we are here. Probably a lot of tech peepz wants me to shut up right now. But hell no, write your own blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what I’m doing and I’m learning how to love what I’m doing. What happened and why all of a sudden my outlook changed? Something hit me and made me realize all this crap. I am obsessed with self improvement. I feel like not doing anything, may it be reading a book, learning a new language (I tried German but now I’m really into French) etc., will stagnate me. I am a person who needs to keep moving or else, I’d go crazy. A lot people try to slow me down but I think only my best friend can, well, slightly (shout out to her and her relentless scolding.) I never stopped enrolling to different classes: credit, non-credit, non-degree and professional. Most of them are online but I also have a in-class program. I also exposed myself reading materials in different areas like: Neurology, Psychology, Astronomy, Behavioural Psychology, Physics, Mathematics etc. Then it hit me, those are nerd as f*ck! The hell I’m thinking? The hell I’m doing? Then it came to a point that I questioned why the fck I chose this path.

It didn’t end in that question by the way. It just gave a slap in the face! Those scientists, professional etc. who are in those field are probably the most intelligent EVER cause they can learn how to code easily, it would be just a piece of cake. But then!!!! Wait hold of that thought and curses on me, I realized that they can never be the best techs as well since it takes time to be one! AND the most amazing realization happened: no one can be above anyone because everyone needs everyone! Does that make sense? Well, to me it is. I hope it does to you as well.

I found my calling, I need to pursue this journey in finding the solution to ENTITLEMENT. I need to prove that we’re all tied up together, that no one is above anyone. And if you feel like you are, I suggest you read up string theory, theory of everything etc.. or if you’re lazy as fck just connect with Michio Kaku or Stephen Hawking..


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