All you need is a Tutu-man’s Chicken on a rainy day


I just learned that Tutu means grandpa or grandma in Hawaiian language! Though when I first read the title of the recipe, I first thought of it as what I usually wear during my grade school ballet days.  I was thinking of something Egyptian but then again, that’s Tutankhamun, the Pharoah. What am I thinking, right? Anyway, this is our first attempt in following a recipe in the cookbook we bought. There are some slight improvisation on some part, i.e the bourbon, we used black label instead! [That’s not weird at all] So, here’s a snap of the finished product

People may wonder why the other side is burnt and the other side isn’t. Well, two people will eat this and they have their preferences [wink]

Lesson learned: if you’re going to brush a raw chicken with the sauce, make sure you set aside some of the sauce so you’re not double dipping the brush you used for your raw chicken. You would want to apply some sauce afterwards!


Funny thing is, before cooking this recipe, we came home to a disaster. 🙂 Our dog who just recently chewed my statistics book {I guess she likes math as well}, some of my treasured Starwars merchandise {THIS BROKE MY HEART, I REALLY CRIED ON THE INSIDE}, headphones all at once, just destroyed a pair of decent sunglasses!! So we wished that our bitterness towards the week of destroyed stuff will not reflect our attempt to make a satisfying dinner.


But I guess it ended up well, we paired the Tutuman’s Terriyaki Chicken with some broccoli and brown rice. The outcome of the chicken is surprisingly superb! I didn’t expect that the skin will be crispy and amazingly flavourful. We also thought of, marinating it more than 24 hrs so that it get’s more flavour within.

We definitely NAILED it! ❤


stealing snaps on a thousand food choices

Recently, I had an argument of how I’m being part of generation Y. As a person who doesn’t want to be pointed out as part of any social label/classification, I feel so ANNOYED. I think our society is creating its own brackets of generations where they draw conclusions and/or generalize each group. I cringe every time someone’s being a nitpicker around me because isn’t it the people who raised the so called generation Y a.k.a Millenials are the one’s who are preceding it? And aren’t they the reason why the generation is also called as the generations of POOR?? Why can’t we just emphasize one’s moral value as a singular thing and not part of a group or societal structure?

Anyway, I was labeled as being Millenial because of how I want to blog everything I feel like interesting and that’s posting how I follow and cook the recipes in my recently purchased cookbook. It’s funny that it’s part of the “classification”. UGHHHH. I have no words to express how I feel about it.

Let’s dive in to the important part, we, a “Millenial” and a “Gen X” stumbled upon a bargain book sale in Chapters Indigo bookstore located at Woodbridge (Weston Road and Highway 7). That’s our number one Chapters Indigo location whenever we have time for the weekend. So, as a bookaholic, I grabbed a cart and didn’t think about how many books are piling up at home. We found this Saveur cookbook with a thousand recipes that will make our kitchen life challenging.

I believe a decade ago when I first watched Julie & Julia, I wanted to make the same initiative as Julie. Aggressive and ambitious, eh? But right now, it’s kind of becoming more realistic since the Gen X person I’m doing it with belong to a family who ran a restaurant. But before going forward with this initiative, here’s a snap of a dish outside of this cookbook.

I always push us to eat a healthier choice of food even if having fresh produce in this great white north is pricey. I think having healthy food is much cheaper than supplements/heart attach/disease etc.. Right?

So, here’s our version of Chicken Fajitas!

Dempsey’s tortilla wrap


2 chicken breast cut in strips

Old cheddar cheese

Mozarella cheese

Bell Pepper

Soy Sauce

The following spices:


Chili powder

Garlic powder

Salt and Pepper

  1. Marinate the chicken overnight with the soysauce, thyme, chili powder, garlic power, salt, and pepper. You can add as much spices or flavour as you want.
  2. Cook the marinated chicken over heat, add the bell pepper and onion then set aside
  3. if you have block of cheese, grate them or if you have the pre-grated cheese that’ll do. But we always buy block of cheese, to have the authentic cheese flavour –thank you costco for cheaper cheese selection
  4. You could toast/bake the tortilla wrap or just place it over heated pan and assemble the cheese and cooked chicken
  5. VIOLA! eat them up!

This is just to kick start with the recipes we’ll be following! I’m already excited! I always question myself on how can I juggle all the things I want to do in my life. Till next food post..

Blend it


Blending is so much fun especially when you do it everyday.

I tried blending some fruits and vegetables together and make it as my meal match with hard boiled eggs!


Tried mixing up strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, apple and mint! Put some honey as sweetener and some water.



Have you guys tried La Nuova  Pasteleria in Forbes Park? If not you should try it NOW! So, I totally forgot that I need to cook for RC’s lunch tomorrow. This may look familiar because I already cooked this and posted it here before. I tried it again and I hope the outcome would be just like before.;)

You only need asparagus, bacon or ham and if you want cream cheese you may add also.

I prefer this grilled but as of now, i don’t have it in the condo. And I also added pepper and maple syrup, by the way:)

First you cut the asparagus.. (you may throw the ends..) cut it in half or the way you want it to be.. group it to 4 or 5 sticks each ‘per wrap’

Then if you want to add the cream cheese you may do so.. then wrap the bacon around, make sure its tight enough

Put some pepper to taste and maple syrup for the sweet tooth.

Then let it ‘fry’ (if you grill, its better) for about 20-30 mins as to your desired texture…

TADA!!!! You have your asparagus wrapped in bacon!

I don’t have to go to La nouvo just to have my asparagus wrapped!!!!:)

and because i cooked this late.. i already had dinner and i’m too full for this… well i had this one:


Sparkling red grape juice and banana bread.;) haha I hope tomorrow’s lunch would be tasty for RC. Haha.



Asparagus wrapped in bacon..

Waiting for my start date of work is boring so besides munching on my readings, I also tried cooking. Much as I’d want to bake, I don’t have enough things to do so. I found this over the internet so I tried and added some maple syrup on it.








Cooked it using butter. The best alternative for cooking oil, well for me.=) who wouldn’t want butter by the way?


So, here’s the finished product! It tastes GREAT!

Imageand I made Jack Coke as well! It goes well with the dish. It tastes sweet because of the maple syrup!

I got tired of fast food and restaurant deliveries and my Mom told me to not splurge a lot of money on eating in a good restaurant around metro. She’s slowly cutting me of, knowing that I’ll land a job in a few months. It sounds terrifying for me. I guess the real world is much closer now than what I thought. I might try other dish as well and might try experimenting too!:)




We went out to buy some groceries before heading to my aunt’s place. I really have enthusiasm in buying groceries! It’s a stress reliever.HAHA. huge chilis and bell peppers caught my eyes first!


i forgot the name.. but it looks like an onion from afar. haha


veggies veggies veggies!!! it looks fresh and deli. haha.


and the uber huge eggplant made me laugh.. haha seriosly!!!:))


so. for healthy living.. we didnt buy pork. its all fish fish fish!!


i wanted to get one. but uh.. sat and trans fat.. BAD FATS!!!!! haha but i super super love rice krispies and pop tarts