I could be everything I want to be

I love to read books.

I love to write.


Learning to be a Data Scientist. ex-Java Developer wannabe. I learn to focus more on Data. I’m really not into tech honestly, but I’m in the IT industry. I code sometimes but I believe I’m not as good. My heart is in Public Relations. Let’s talk about justice. Let’s talk about freedom. Let’s talk about being someone who matters. I adore Nelson Mandela. I think Michael Jackson is great.I love musicals.I think I’m getting fat cause I eat chocolates everyday. Dark lipstick is sexy but I rarely wear makeup. I am thrilled with intellectual conversations. Stupid conversation bore the shit out of me. But sometimes it’s fun when I’m burnt out. I love logic. I love math. Math is amazing. Stats is challenging, I believe. Few years back, I wanted to be a lawyer. I still want to be an Astronaut. I have a lot of questions about the universe and how it is aligned to our daily lives. What if I drink water in outer space, will I be able to swallow it? will it follow the law of gravity? Really, I have a lot of questions. I think I love science but I know for sure I love dogs. I could be friends with everyone if they wanna be friends with me. It depends. I want to end injustice. I love Star Wars.


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